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October 19, 2017

7:00 PM - Plant Judging
7:30 PM -
General Meeting

Our general meetings are held
 on the third Thursday
of each month at the
Los Angeles Arboretum
 Botanic Garden
301 North Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, California


Laelia anceps 'Nittany's Frost'

Photo by Eric Hunt


The Cattleya Alliance in Mexico
AOS Webinar
by Ron McHatton

This month we will be presenting a pre-recorded webinar. The AOS offers societies many pre-recorded webinar for us to see at our meeting.  If you have heard or seen one that you think that our society would like, please let me know and I can arrange for us to view them at upcoming meetings. To help in costs, we may do this twice a year. If the topic, etc. is what our members would like to see.

Join us to hear Ron McHatton, Director of Education of the American Orchid Society, discuss the The Cattleya Alliance in Mexico. This will be an informative glimpse at some of the attractive orchids to be found in Mexico, both the well-known and the lesser-known, with some comments on their habitats and cultural needs. This webinar will discuss Brassavolas, Encyclias, Cattleyas, and Laelias

Plant Opportunity Table

 The plant table for this month will be provided by Linden Burzell. Don’t forget to get your tickets!

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